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A Great Christmas (or ANYTIME) Gift!


81/2" x 11" semi-gloss card-stock cover and pages
32 pages
24 poems
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At first blush, A Gift from the Wind may appear to be a simple collection of Christmas-themed poems.  
   Upon closer inspection, this sacred collection of words carefully arranged on paper by aboriginal mystic Darrell WindWalker Scarrett (who survived the mean-streets of Winnipeg, Canada as a child and young adult)  is much more than that. From the beautiful, full-color cover with indigenous objects d’art symbolizing the words and thoughts “Hope”, “Dream”, and “Believe”, to the brief, inspirational bio and quote by a native elder, (“He must walk upon the wind to gather the words he shares with people…”) the WindWalker’s seasonal “gift” of this book transcends time and space, going beyond being a mere gift for the season, but rather a gift of his heart and soul which will touch your own very heart and soul!
   From a child’s pleading to Santa Claus for a hair-ribbon for his mother in The Card of Memories, to a symbol of hope during heart-breaking times in Candle in the Window, My Angel is an ode to a child’s fading mother: “And for all the Christmases you gave to me I will always love you.” The WindWalker reflects the common-man’s hopelessness and despair, while simultaneously raising one up to a level of hope and faith, mirrored in Christmas at the Gospel Mission: “Their voices rang strong and true As they sang Christmas songs both old and new At The Gospel Mission nothing could take away The true spirit of Christmas that day.” The tear-inducing Saved by Christmas is about a stray dog named Christmas that huddles up to a youngster, keeping him warm and safe until morning, then, “Like an angel Christmas had gone away.”
   There is always a level of hope in WindWalker’s works, to wit, Waiting on Christmas: “We stood in line waiting my Mother and I The bitter cold December wind bringing a tear to my eye Just knowing there was food inside and it was warm made me smile.” One Day Christmas is another example of this sentimental hope that lingers within and around the Wind’s words: “My mother was an angel who saw me through to my adult years One Christmas Eve she gave me a present and for the first time, in her eyes I saw tears Inside the box were all the ornaments that I had made for our trees (throughout the years) She smiled through her tears and said, ‘One day Christmas, but you were always the gift to me.’ ”
   I feel honored and privileged to have been charged with reviewing some of the material in this, one of his books, and I’m sure that these words by the WindWalker may always be read, regardless of the season, tomorrow, next year, next decade, and so on, always reflecting some level of hope, faith, and belief from deep within one’s heart and soul that will keep on growing and evolving. This book will touch everyone, regardless of the level and state of their current spiritual evolution.

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What Others Are Saying:

"(The WindWalker) has a magical way of expressing thoughts, experiences, and emotions. I think there is a lot of healing going on in the writing and I am very sure there will be a lot of healing going on in the reading."
-E. Cook, Sudbury, Ontario

"Darrell WindWalker Scarrett is a true advocate and inspiration of hopes and dreams for all and is a true hero for humanity."
-Dr. Michael H. Likey, Coquitlam, B.C.

"WindWalker's sacred fire is lit and burning bright and sure for all to see. The peace pipe is passed in his name, the name of WindWalker."
-J. Watt, Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

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Enjoy these meditations written by WindWalker and narrated by Dr. Michael Likey...